RPA – Robotic Process Automation is a technology that allows you to build a digital workforce made up of software robots or “bots”.

This technology allows automating repetitive tasks that make use of any application or computer system in the same way that a human would. This digital workforce is available 24/7.

What tasks can a robot learn?

Simple. Any and all tasks performed on the computer using a mouse or keyboard that follow a set of well-defined actions capable of being documented (as if it were a recipe). The most common interactions involve actions performed on web pages, desktop applications, email, file systems, ERP’s, Office, among others.

The purpose of RPAs is not to replace humans, but to free them from boring and time-consuming tasks so that they can dedicate themselves to relevant tasks.

Advantages of RPA solutions

Increased Productivity
Quality Improvement
Flexibility and speed
Compliance and Security
Faster ROI

Our Consulting Services

Strategic support

We provide support to the management layer in assessing the impact and benefits of adopting robotics solutions, mitigating strategic errors due to a lack of theoretical foundation and practical experience.

Process Evaluation

There are processes that can be directly robotized and others that need adjustments or improvements. The analysis work on these processes is carried out in conjunction with the client to produce documentation that will support the implementation of the RPAs.

RPA Development

We have multidisciplinary teams that guarantee the development of solutions with quality and in accordance with the objectives defined with customers. By employing agile methodologies, it is possible to deliver complete robotic processes in the intermediate phases of the projects.

RPA Support Services

Due to their relevance to the client’s operation, some projects may require the negotiation of extended periods of support, evolutionary maintenance or training. We have teams that can provide these services remotely or in person.


By Ricardo Almeida Silva

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Procensus is a partner of UiPath, technology chosen to deliver high quality solutions to our customers. Our teams of engineers are multidisciplinary and in addition to mastering robotization technologies, they also have extensive knowledge in various programming languages, frameworks and Machine Learning, thus distinguishing us by creating intelligent solutions complete and integrated with the other systems.